"I received an invoice but I canceled long ago!"

TL;dr If you canceled some time ago and do not wish to resubscribe, these superfluous invoices can be ignored. You will also receive one single "overdue" notice and then no further correspondence from us.Edit: For clarification, nobody whom had already canceled in the past will be charged. When you cancel your subscription, your payment ... Read More »

8th May 2018
Unable to change E-mail address and/or "UD04" error

Hey sister!You may have noticed that you aren't currently able to change your registered E-mail address.This is a temporary restriction while we resolve a bug having to do with changing E-mail addresses. Changing the address would result in the loss of access and a "UD04" error when trying to access the SC website. This is caused by a ... Read More »

16th Mar 2018